Janene Yazzie (Dine)

studied International Politics at Columbia University and is a Human Rights and Indigenous Rights advocate that has made a career out of her advocacy through social entrepreneurship.

Janene is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sixth World Solutions,  where she works to advance economic, environmental and social justice through development of community policy, projects and programs that promote long-term sustainability utilizing Indigenous Rights frameworks. She helped co-found the LCR Watershed Chapters Association, a coalition of 30 Navajo communities that use a watershed planning framework to nurture water security on the Navajo Nation.

Her work is centered on revitalizing traditional knowledge and seventh-generation planning. She worked with the Shiprock Chapter and IITC board member Chili Yazzie to host the “Food Sovereignty and Traditional Knowledge Gathering for Climate Change Resiliency” in August of 2016. She also traveled with IITC to Guatemala in March 2017, to take part in the third annual Indigenous Peoples Corn Conference. She attended and participated in the 16th annual UNPFII, credentialed by IITC.