Waterock L3C, based in Arizona which was focused on reintroducing indigenous land and water restoration practices, was encouraged by Hopi and Navajo Elders to introduce this knowledge to youth from both tribes. 

The first pilot project involved a group of Hopi Youth who upon completion of their first Workshop referred to themselves with great pride as Hopi Raincatchers. 

The practical application of their initial training was focused on healing their Reservation by stopping erosion and restoring sacred springs. Through these activities they also developed and evidenced leadership qualities in their communities. 

Subsequently, the Hopi Raincatchers participated with several groups of Navajo Youth in training Workshops on Navajo land and in Nother Mexico at the Training Center of the Cuenca Los Ojos Foundation. This Foundation has more than 30 years’ experience of restoring ecosystems on its cattle ranches and has become a highly regarded, international training resource. 

In 2015 Waterock was selected as a winner of “100 Projects for the Climate” by the French Government during COP21 and in 2016 Waterock was invited during COP22 to bring a group of Hopi Raincatchers to Morocco. There, in the Agafay desert, a number of Berber youth and international Environment Experts were exposed to traditional rain water harvesting techniques by the Hopi Raincatchers! 

Invited by the Embassy of the Earth and Dhan Foundation based in Tamil Nadu, India, Waterock organized another special training activity. This. with the “Women of the Forest” on seed ball making for insertion in rock-based water channeling systems. 

The successful completion of several Workshops by Hopi and Navajo Youth showed positive results, not only landscape restoration, but also in increasing self-esteem by the participant trainees. The objective of increasing the scale and capacity of these Workshops inspired Indigenous Women Leaders from many Countries to give birth to the Land Healers Foundation.