Li An Phoa

Li An Phoa is a passionate systems-thinker engaged in research, holistic learning and initiates projects related to food systems, water and landscapes. She works with multi-stakeholders, including large organisations such as Unilever, the Rwandan Ministry of Health, and Triodos Bank, as well as innovative farmers, artists and indigenous communities. She teaches outdoors at several universities Erasmus University, Rotterdam School of Management; Nyenrode Business University and Schumacher College. With her nomadic school Spring College, Li An initiates a walking pedagogy taking participants on learning experiences about ecology and economy on inner & outer trails. She designs a River Curriculum taking people along rivers to experience what we can learn from rivers and to research how we can live together towards Drinkable Rivers. With questions like ‘how can we learn to adopt a way of thinking and doing that is aligned with the integrity of our living systems?’ she reflects on our daily lives and habits. She has three master degrees in Business Administration; Holistic Science (or Whole System Ecology); and philosophy. She has walked 12000 km across the globe; lived a decennium as a nomad; now migrates between the Netherlands and Costa Rica.