"Our responsibility is to protect Mother Earth. Nature is a seamless web of life in which all forms of life are related to all others - the birds, the fish, the trees, the rocks, - we are all connected to that web."

Audrey Shenandoah Iroquois Clan Mother from Onondaga 

(1926 -2012)

Dr. Anna Poelina
Candace Ducheneaux
Geraldine Patrick Encina
Janene Yazzie
Li An Phoa
Octaviana Trujillo Ph.D.
Precious Phiri
Valerie N
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Our job is to balance Traditional Wisdom with Modern Knowledge. While our work may not be noticeable now, it will benefit future generations.” 

Hopi Raincatchers

Indigenous Youth of the Hopi Tribe

"Let's put our mind together and see what kind of life we can make for our children."
Thatáyka Íyotake 'Sitting Bull' (1831-1890)

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