The Land Healers Foundation is responding to the call from Indigenous Women and Youth to create a Worldwide Restoration Movement

Its goal is to equip the present and future generation with the traditional knowledge needed to restore and maintain indigenous lands. 

The Foundation offers alternative opportunities for indigenous youth who find themselves in dire situations, between drugs, alcohol, and despair. Our Training workshops allow such youth to re-connect to their land and to develop a sense of Leadership. 

The Foundation was organized by Indigenous Women Leaders, from many Countries, using the Wisdom of the Elders to establish a Youth Corps of Qualified Land Healers whose protection of traditional cultural and environmental knowledge is restoring faith in healing themselves and their sacred lands. Assuring continuity of ancestral values is essential to their future community life. 

The Youth Corps is becoming a network of indigenous youth who receive salaries while participating in Training Workshops in their own Countries. They are learning low-cost, low-tech traditional ways to regenerate water and land to achieve new economic opportunities. Drawing upon the wisdom of their Ancestors they are reconnecting to their inherent traditional values. 

Professor of Environmental Studies and Politics