Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) includes know-how, skills and practices that are developed, sustained and passed on from generation to generation within a community, often forming part of its cultural or spiritual identity. 

TEK values are based upon culturally significant interrelationships of communities with nature! While these relationships do vary between communities leading to different agricultural and forestry practices, they are all indigenous to their communities. 

All communities however have within their own spiritual or cultural pathways, the same basic guidance to protect and preserve the life giving benefits of their lands, forests and rivers for future generations. This profound respect for Traditional Knowledge is at the heart of the Land Healers Foundation program.

A Western perspective on classical ecological restoration envisions experts as managers, planners, organizers, and facilitators. It envisions a human dominance over land on the basis of scientific knowledge that needs to be directed and monitored. This kind of ecological restoration offers minimal space for cultural involvement.

Our Foundation draws its credibility from its recognition of the need to consider Traditional Ecological Knowledge of equal value to Western based scientific methods. This is especially related to mitigating the consequences of man-made climate change!