Dr. Anne Poelina

is the Managing Director of Madjulla Inc., an Indigenous not-for-profit non-government community development organisation; Deputy Chair of the Nyikina Mangala Aboriginal Corporation, Deputy Chair of the Northern Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance Indigenous Water Policy Group and is an inaugural member of the recently formed National First Peoples Water Council. An indigenous woman raised in Western Australia, Anne is passionate about sharing her life experiences with all people to demonstrate how marginalized people can overcome difficult situations by building their capacity to engage with others. She has a strong history of working to improve the disadvantaged lives experienced by Indigenous Australians as well as a strong academic background with diplomas in Nursing (RN), Aboriginal Studies and Health Education; three masters degrees in Education, Public Health and Tropical Medicine, and Indigenous Social Policy.

Research Interests

  • Bio-prospecting
  • Plants of ecological and economic significance
  • Carbon economy land and natural resource management
  • Water governance through FitzCAM
  • Better herd management
  • Co-management partnerships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal pastoralists
  • Land care and quarantine
  • Sustainable agriculture Tourism
  • Nyikina Cultural Centre Majala Wilderness Centre Remote savannah technology hub