Karin Lindeman-Boere

Karin Lindeman-Boere

Karin is a mother of 5, from Frisian descent, with ancestoral motherlines from Indigenous Nations in the coastal parts of Northern Europe that have been assimilated in Dutch society. She is a well versed community leader with great compassion for natural ecosystems, its guiding principles, and especially the women and grandmothers carrying, guiding and supporting their communities and hence the children and the future generations.

With her great interest and analyses of community building in general and the teachings of the First Nations and other indigenous communities around the world and receiving teachings in working with many community and spiritual leaders, she has an immense grasp of the wisdom contained therein.

She is able to connect and bring people together, with the foundational love for diversity and the believe in One Human Family. By observing the matriarical structures and elements of thriving communities, she started focusing on and working with grandmothers and empowering the children. With this life-giving power anything is viable and sustainable. This in combination with the birdview on our world, supported maps of bioregional marinesanctuaries, like the North Sea Bioregional Marine Sanctuary where the watershed in the mountains and the mother rivers are the veins of the natural ecosystem, which provides a vision beyond any borders created by humans.

Always able to help people to find the right entry and access where needed, following the lead of the creator and elders.

Being trained by Chief Phil Lane jr. in dialogue and consultation community circles as well as having a Masters degree in international Management and being a Sinologist educated at Leiden University, and Erasmus University of Rotterdam, followed by intensive education in Family Constelllation, Community Building and Professional Communication she is ideally positioned to lead the Four World Foundation (est. 2016 in The Netherlands), as a 'satellite' organization of Four Worlds International Institute; creating the exchange of traditional instructions and indigenous teachings from the Americas to Europe and vice versa, restoring, relearning our own pre-colonial indigenous connection, being able to have an answer when visitors of Europe asks us “Where can we pray with your ancestors, your land and your waters?”

“Recenter Mother Earth, mothers in general and entire Women Nation by creating Safe Sacred Spaces supported and welcomed by men holding Space, to respect the Feminine and for everybody to relearn to be Her child instead of her master.”