Li An Phoa

Li An Phoa is a whole systems ecologist, philosopher and entrepreneur, who engages people through outdoor learning experiences and initiates projects around landscapes, food and water. Currently, she started Drinkable Rivers, as indicators for healthy living. She walked 1061km from source-to-sea walk along the river Meuse-Maas and engaged local people to care for Drinkable Rivers and in a water quality citizen science research.

With her nomadic school Spring College, she organises walks in varying landscapes with a diversity of themes. The walks bring together students, entrepreneurs, investors, teams, families and children and ground our daily life choices (economy) in accordance with the logic of life (ecology).

She is a university lecturer at e.g. the Erasmus University Rotterdam and Nyenrode Business University. She is a social innovator cross-pollinating relations among people, disciplines and industries. She works with large organisations such as Triodos Bank and ministries as well as with innovative farmers, artists and indigenous people. She is a conceptual artist and her life, having lived nomadically for over a decade while walking thirteen thousands of kilometres, is a  form of art in itself. She is in the Dutch Trouw Sustainable Top100 and gave a TEDx talk on Drinkable Rivers. |