Precious Phiri

is a training and development specialist in environmental issues, regenerative agricultural practices and community organizing.  Her main interest is working with rural communities (especially) to fight and reverse poverty, desertification, loss of wildlife, and climate change and its effects.  She was born and raised in Zimbabwe at one of the Hwange communities, the same area where her work is based currently. She recently founded an organization called EarthWisdom which she formed immediately after her 9 year career as a Senior Facilitator at the Africa Centre for Holistic Management (ACHM) in Zimbabwe where she directed training for villages in the Hwange Communal Lands region and different institutions that are implementing restorative land and livelihood programs using Holistic Land and Livestock Management. 

As part of her current engagements, she represents Regeneration International where she serves as a Steering committee member in Africa. She is also a co-founder and Trustee of a recently launched Trust that does outreach and community involvement on regenerative agricultural practices. Her passion is to help rural communities in Africa to reduce poverty, restore dignity, rebuild soils, and restore food and water security for people, livestock and wildlife.