The trained core of knowledgeable youth is prepared to exchange traditional land healing knowledge focused on mitigating adverse effects of Climate Change. 

These Workshops are conducted as “hands-on” activities. The overall low tech – low cost of traditional ecological agriculture allows the projects to take place almost anywhere and makes them easy to implement.

Trainers and trainees see themselves as the initial but growing network of responsible and committed Land Healers around the planet.

An open invitation will encourage the submission from organizations, which have identified and accepted Traditional Ecological Knowledge as an efficient solution for climate change mitigation.

Upon submission to the L.H.F. of a Training Request, a feasibility study of the Request will be made before bringing it to the attention of potential funding sources. Participants in the Workshop are also encouraged to reach out to their peers through presentations at school and to organizations to increase the number of youth participants to become trained “Land Healers” in order to show their commitment.