Serene Liu-Wallenwein

has a background in cultural anthropology, sociology and political science having received a Master of Arts at the Ruprecht-Karls Universität Heidelberg. Focusing on anthropological film making, she has used media to understand and communicate  social justice and equality. 

During her field research in Nairobi, Kenya on media and youth culture she observed the strong impact meaningful activities have on youth, steering them away from criminal activities and giving them a sense of accomplishment that raises their self-esteem. 

She has experienced both the work environment in small non-gonvernmental organizations, as well as well established development agencies. During that time she was able to document various projects on rehabilitating damaged eco-systems, while learning from and with people from different cultural backgrounds of all parts of the world. 

Seeing many meaningful projects around the world, (South Africa, Rwanda, Kenya, Peru, Seychelles, Mexico and the Indigenous lands in the United States) that would exponentially benefit from collaboration motivated her to join OPEN TEAM in the hope that this could promote open source climate solutions worldwide.   

Recently becoming a mother herself has increased her awareness of the  need to provide meaningful opportunities for young people. Joining the Land Healers Foundation furthers her goal to engage young people in using traditional knowledge to restore the Earth and the Human Spirit.