Upon successful completion of the Workshops and the minimum required amount of work, participants will be awarded the certification of ‘Land Healer’ from the Land Healers Foundation.

Its goal is to equip the present and future generation with the traditional knowledge needed to restore and maintain indigenous lands. 

The Certification will allow the participants to apply for jobs within this field, showcasing their work experience and skill-sets acquired. 

With each trained participant knowledge and skills are transferred and it is the responsibility of each graduate to pass along their newly acquired expertise. By graduating, the student becomes the teacher and has the ability to grow the network of Land Healers even further. This ‘pollination’ process allows for the project to grow organically. The more who participate in the process, the more who can scale the project with their communities, their region and their respective countries. 

Trainers will have the opportunity to develop their own employment activities or to participate with local companies in training others and to work not only within their community, but also outside.